Wednesday, December 19, 2018

The Intercessor of God

An intercessor: One who intercedes, a person who intervenes on behave of another, especially in prayer.

An intercessor is someone who is either called or chooses to be a mediator on behalf of those who cannot or will not intervene for themselves. An intercessor pleads, counsels, requests, begs, discusses, risks, and sacrifices themselves for those who need them. Intercessors make positive impacts on final outcomes for those people they serve.
Intercessors and a praying person are not the same. Anyone can pray and not all praying humans are intercessors. Intercessors live their lives to intercede on another person's behalf. They wish to bring favor and impact while changing God’s heart for another. There were numerous people in the Bible who were intercessors and here are some of their characteristics.

Intercessors Take Risks and Sacrifice Themselves:

Abraham suffered God’s displeasure by pointing out at least ten godly people in Sodom and Gomorrah. This can be found in Genesis 18:22.
Moses chose to be extinguished from God’s book in Exodus 32:32.
King David disobeyed and took the census. He was willing to be destroyed to seek safety for his people in 1 Chronicles 21:17.
Daniel spoke with God even when he was angry in Daniel 9:16
Martha risked her friendship with Jesus and challenged His decision to delay in John 11:21-22.
Jesus became sin and laid down His life so we could find forgiveness in Isaiah 53:12.
Risking public exposure, a father feared man’s opinions interceded for his possessed son in Mark 9:17.
Stephen risked an angry crowd and asked God to forgive them in Acts 7:59.
Queen Esther put her own life on the line and defended her people before the king. She was willing to face the king and receive banishment or worse in Esther 4:16.
Young David faced Goliath for Israel and won in 1 Samuel 17:37.

Intercessors Defend and Volunteer:

Each person above defended others with boldness. Whenever someone they loved needed them, they were there to defend them with their lives. Most parents of numerous species have the instinct to defend their young. For them, it’s part of their makeup. Their hearts bubble to the surface when a threat occurred.
Intercessors have the willingness to do something for another person. They will volunteer even when not asked to participate in another person’s defense. Intercessors step up to the plate to accomplish something greater than themselves. We know that Jesus said there is no great love than to lay down one’s life for his friends in John 15:13. 

Heart of the Intercessor:

Intercessors stand in the gap for others. They seek mercy instead of judgment and they seek life over death. They are more than willing to risk and sacrifice in order to capture mercy for others like in James 2:13.
They stand in humility and service. They have a strong willingness to serve in their heart with humility. Intercessors highly esteem those they see as worth saving like in Matthew 23:11.
Those people within the Bible mentioned above found a place of favor with God. They walked and talked with God and trusted in Him. Even those without a personal relationship with Jesus, but knew His works and His Words understood His nature and authority. They risked it all no matter what.

The Intercessor’s Results:

Past and present intercessors lay down their lives, dreams, ambitions, and personal agendas in order to follow Jesus’ footsteps. They understand the results of this journey multiplies with each intercession they stand in. they pray, request, take a stand, and bear fruit for the masses at large.
The Bible shares Jesus wants our input, but he makes the final decisions. He listens and He becomes part of the outcome. For additional scriptures about volunteer intercessors who lay down themselves for others. Isaiah 64:7, Isaiah 59:16, Isaiah 53:12, Jeremiah 30:13, Jeremiah 27:18, Ezekiel 22:30-31, Psalms 106:23
God will restore the calling of intercessors to the body of Christ. He raises up an army of volunteers who are willing to count their cost. They see what is at stake and they are willing to put themselves on the line for those around them.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

God's Compassion

Compassion: Sympathetic pity and concern for the sufferings or misfortune of others.

God’s compassion overrules all. His sympathy and compassion stretch throughout the world and further. In Deuteronomy 30:3, God turns thy captivity and has compassion on thee. In 2 Chronicles 36:15 God had compassion on His people. When God forgives iniquity and forgives in Psalms 78:38, God turned His anger away and did not stir up His wrath. In Psalms 86:15, God is compassionate, gracious, longsuffering, and plenteous in mercy and truth. Jeremiah 12:15, He plucks them out, then returns them to their heritage and to their land.
There are many others in scriptures who had compassion upon others like Pharaoh’s daughter in Exodus 2:6. She had compassion on the babe which was one of the Hebrew’s children.
In Isaiah 49:15 a woman has compassion upon a suckling child.
In Matthew 14:14 Jesus went forth to a great multitude as His compassion moved Him to heal their sick.
In Mark 1:41 Jesus moved with compassion, put His hand out and healed.
More of compassion and Jesus: Mark 5:19, Mark 6:34, Matthew 20:34, Luke 7:13,

God’s Mercy and Grace:

God’s mercy implies compassion that forebears punishing even when justice demands it. He shows kindness when we might not see it as such. Whenever God moves with mercy, He is revealing to us love, understanding, and unwavering compassion toward His creation. We are God’s creation. In a way, God is offering charity to us when we are expecting His justice. When God shows up mercy, He is showing us favor in His sight. When favor is presented, it’s a gift from God himself. What a gift to receive.
God shows mercy to those who keep His commandments, love Him, repent for their sins, ask for forgiveness, and those who lay down themselves for others. God will offer a habitation for His people if they seek His face and His Word. Those who do these things discover His grace as well.
Grace is God’s unmerited favor. It’s kindness we might not deserve. Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord. What did Noah do that was different compared to those around him? Noah abided by His Word and did what was asked of him. Noah was an average man, but he listened and built the ark when asked to build it in a certain way. This is why Noah found grace in God’s eyes. In Genesis 19:19, both mercy and grace were found.
The heart of a person is what God looks at. If the heart is filled with compassion, unconditional love, and forgiveness, God will offer grace and mercy. If the heart is filled with hate, unforgiveness, harm, and doubt, God also sees that. In order to fill ourselves with Him, we need to seek His face and His Word.

Have Compassion:

The only way to receive compassion is to show compassion, even if the other person is not willing to offer it. Whenever we walk with God compassion is there waiting for us. Throughout our lives, many have seen people come and go, but how many had compassion for your or your circumstances? Not many took a second look at what was happening here. I suppose life filled them with other life-altering issues.
Not everyone receives compassion from those around them. What if we offered it to someone who didn’t deserve it? What would happen then? I bet a different outcome would surface. It could be a life altering event for you and for the other person. Not everyone deserves compassion in our eyes as humans, but in God’s eyes, they do and they do receive it when they ask.
From Micah to Matthew to Mark, God shows compassion in many of their lives. He doesn’t do it to be nice. He does when forgiveness is shown. When asking for His compassion, remember that He doesn’t give it freely to all. He gives it to those who are doing right by Him and others.
Ever wonder why God loves us with everything He has on the inside? We are His creation and we were made in His eyes. He will forever adore us as we adore Him. Whenever we step out of line, God gently or intrusively brings us back to Him. Those who do not understand the power of God will never see how awesome He is. God is merciful, loving, and when we abide by Him, we find ourselves protected and guided. That is the God I know and love.

Friday, December 7, 2018

Cat Heist: A Marmalade Cat Mystery #1

Kidnapped Kitty

My name is Marmalade and I'm an orange tabby who's on the case of the missing cat, Ruffles, a feverish gray kitty belonging to Mrs. Wiggins. I soon discover a few clues with Midnight, the other clinic cat who lives with me. Together, we discover clues leading to who took Ruffles. Will we find Ruffles and the culprit or are we just chasing our tails?


Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Capable of Doing Anything Through God

We can do anything through God. 

He knows how capable we are.

We have all been at the edge thinking we're not good enough and we cannot do what we have set our hearts on. It's not up to us to stop doing what God intended. It's up to us to move through with His plans. Sitting and staring at the wall isn't what we should be doing. Paint that picture, write that book, play that instrument only if it makes you feel good on the inside. God wants us all to do what makes us happy. 

You're not drowning.

It only feels like you're under water, but breath through life and know you are so loved and God has your back. He is with you every step of the way. You're not going through life without Him watching over you. I  know this for a fact. God has my back at every turn. There are times I feel abandoned, but I am beginning to think that's because I moved away from God. Now that feels like your drowning. When we move away from God, we are without His breath and without His watchful eyes.

You're not alone.

I've discovered this one all on my own. When I cry out to our Lord and Savior, He always answers me. Whether it be in sounds, pictures, or through His Word, I know an answer is coming. At times, it takes a day or two and having patience is key. Don't feel departed from Him. Move back to God and God will move within you.

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Christian Fairy Tales

Ten Unique Tales!

Every tale comes to an end, but the kind of end they meet, differs greatly. These tales are told from a Christian perspective!

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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Preach It!

Preach it from the rafters.

God's Word is magnificent and it needs to be told everywhere. From rooftops, pulpits, state houses, and even from those in power everywhere. God's Word is that important.

When I feel God around me, I praise His Glory. I pray in private, but all that is about to change. After coming back to God in 2016, I have felt Him change my life for the better. He has been slowly changing my perspective on preaching His Word and His Glory everywhere. I post Bible versus now online and I'm not afraid to pray for those in need online now either.

I pray it's enough, but the best is yet to come.

God has other plans for us. God has other plans for me. How do I know? God has shown me what praising him in public looks like. It will be scary at first and I know He will not abandon me when I continue to praise Him and His miraculous Glory before others. 

Have the courage!

I have been developing the courage to tell others about God. I let customers know who are enduring tragedies that I pray for them. It gives them hope God will work wonders in their lives like He has done in my life. Without God, I'd still be lost and without hope of a better future. God will do for you like He has done for me.

Get to know God.

Getting to know Him is simple. Set aside time for praying and Bible reading. When I set aside this time for God twice a day or more, I find myself living a better, healthier existence. The pieces of my life seem to fall into place at the exact moments they should. I also feel protected from whatever or whoever might be attacking me. The spiritual world is real and I now know that God's Word protects me from evil, in whatever form the attack comes at me in.

By getting to know God and preaching His Word to those around you, your life will change is drastic or subtle ways. My life is so different now and I praise Him for those changes. Yes, you will lose people because of your newfound preaching attitude online or in person, but were they really friends to begin with? Family has abandoned me too and I'm okay with that. I will survive and so will you.

Start online.

I started preaching and showing people God online. I've gained quite a following and my friendships have grown because of this 'Great Awakening' God has planned for His people. It's quite an awesome Movement he has gathered together. If you ever feel out of place, alone, or need someone to lean on, look up those who are also getting to know God.