Friday, March 25, 2016

"Hell’s Desire" by Candy O'Donnell

Short Horror Stories:

Amber Eyes: Karma Bites!

Illusions: Everything is not as it seems.

The Hangman: Divine intervention can change the course of one's life.

Demons: Earth is overtaken by demons.

Vampires vs. Zombies: Herrous awakens to feed upon the next Zombie Apocalypse.

Sacred Ground: Do not enter if you are a sinner.

Demon Slayer: A professional demon slayer meets his match.

Hell Hound: A couple move to country home surrounded by death.

Circle of Death: Two unsuspecting men dig up a curse.

Decrepit: Family is not what it seems.

The Scythe: Death is supposed to take lives, not save them.

Amber Eyes

Tiffany entered the dimly lit bar with a smile roaming over her pale oval face. She stopped to take in the smoky atmosphere that reeked of booze and sweat. Every man glanced up to stare at her ravishing long auburn locks that flowed toward her bulging breasts. She dug into each male’s thoughts when she stepped onto the elderly wood flooring. Each man engorged in her low-cut red dress that only pissed off the women as they nudged their mates with their elbows. Her slim hips swayed side to side when she walked passed.
The dark-skinned bartender nodded in her direction and slid a shot of tequila to a drunken male patron. The drinker chugged it down and asked for another as he glued his eyes to Tiffany’s thin frame.
“Hello, pretty lady,” he muttered.
“Stop seducing her with your eyes, Pat,” the bartender slapped the man’s arm.
“I can’t help it, Riggs. She’s gorgeous.” He swigged another down as he undressed Tiffany with his dark brown eyes.

Friday, March 18, 2016

"Firefly: Angels Reign Series Book 2" by Candy O’Donnell


Lillian stepped off the front porch and into a sea of fireflies. Every nook was highlighted with the small phosphorescent beings. All of them had brilliant hues igniting them as they allowed her to inspect their lit bodies. One swerved gently by her face, and a warm feeling caressed her with each pass it made. With her arm, Lillian reached out to see if one would find its way to her hand, but none did. She raised the corners of her lips into a grin, and felt a pang of remorse. She noticed more of these light beings were whisking swiftly over the tree in her direction. It was an extraordinary sight to behold.
Each individual insect carried with it a sense of well-being and calm, which seeped slowly into her soul like molasses. Lillian could see right through their tiny clear bodies as the light revealed what was within. She was fascinated by their glow, and she gained a new revelation of what fireflies stood for. They seemed angelic and supernatural. They were to be observed and praised for their exquisiteness, and imitated for their uniqueness.
Her eyes observed their flight and the numerous channels they took as they put on a show in the front yard. This event was nothing short of a dance among the stars. Lillian stepped onto the lawn and felt their grace blanket her entire figure. They were here for her and no one else. One came spiraling down and hovered near her nose, where it penetrated her soul with its intuitive stare. She thought it held an aptitude to read her mind and understand her past, present, and future. Whatever endeavor she wished to take on, it would see it. 
Tree branches were cloaked in a magnificent luminous glow. Each limb was highlighted, as if numerous tiny lights were strung there. This reminded Lillian of Christmas, as many yellow lights lit every limb of the tree. This spectacular vision, usually reserved for December, transcended other evenings with its iridescence.


Thursday, March 10, 2016

"Seeing With Their Eyes book 2" by Candy O'Donnell

Life is precious… and death is imminent.

The dead follow me where ever I go. No matter if I am at the body farm or in the morgue, spirits seek me out to tell me their secrets. The horrid tales they tell are atrocious and sting me to the bone. I try to help them the best I know how, that is the moral fiber I possess.
Sandra finds me and shares her torrid life. What she endured was nothing short of torture. I soon discover there is another soul named Kathryn. She didn’t live a pristine existence and both asked for my help to find conclusions to their ending. Death is never easy for the living, but for the dead it was simple.