Friday, April 29, 2016

Dragonfly (Angels Reign Series Book 1) by Candy O’Donnell


The Beginning

Lillian bolted upright after the hellish nightmare infiltrated the deepest caverns of her mind. Fuzzy red and green images still played in her head as she shook off the heaviness of sleep. It was as though hell had poked its way through the secret, hidden hollows of her psyche. Her own thoughts slowly came to her as she raced through each scene that had strangled her will as she slept.
She had not wished for these disturbing images before she fell asleep; they just dipped into her mind and nested within. Those real dreams that were supposed to be non-real were not what she wanted to play out before her. Dreams were supposed to be happy, glorious things, not something made of nightmares.
She crooked her head to the right and noticed that her bedroom door was ajar and something with a human form was standing in the hallway. The image was not complete, but murky white, as if whatever was standing there was completely shrouded in a misty alabaster substance and was barely visible.
This shadowy human figure still clung to the outside her vision, moving slowly to the right then to the left, as if dancing. The fog of sleep still cloaked her senses when she forced her hands and arms to move. Lillian wiped her frosty-colored eyes briskly with her hand to gain a better view of who was standing in the open doorway. She still could not see the person clearly. The form and its surroundings were hazy and seemed to move wildly, like a pond after a hand gently touched its surface. Lillian shook her head, but the figure still appeared smoky to Lillian and she blinked many times to clear her eyes of drowsiness. The image was finally static and she was able to perceive what was before her. A faint vapor of a middle-aged woman stood silently near the entrance of her room.


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