Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Being an #indieauthor

Know your capabilities

As an indie writer I have discovered more obstacles than open roads. Each one has taught me what I need to know about being an indie author. Indie authors need to have their capabilities stretched far beyond other writers' knowledge. Learn what you can about the craft and from who ever you can. Other writers that are doing well can be the best teachers. Watch what they do and how they do it. Us indie writers need to have writing know how but we need to be creative on many different levels. When a writer learns how to move through Photoshop they are on the right track to creating covers, unique photographs, and formatting that not only looks great but will draw the reader in.

I appreciate being an indie author because I have no time table.

Editing is a different story, altogether. #amediting is something that takes time and patience. Editing does not come easy for the indie writer. It can be expensive to hire a professional editor and by learning the tricks of the trade an author can edit their own work. Grammerly offers writers an editing tool for writers to be included as an add-on for MS Word. It works wonders and catches most errors writers come into contact with. It does not catch everything but it works for the frugal indie author. If you have an editor at your disposal by all means utilize them and their knowledge. For most indie writers a paid editor is not an option. I had to find another way to ensure my books not only look great, but are readable and error free.

I love the creative resources available to me.

Formatting is not something one can learn overnight. To format properly you need to have a template, like I do, so your interior appears professional. It needs to stand out above other writers and this is no easy task to accomplish. Formatting is difficult, tedious work and can be very rewarding once you have a finished product. Everything publishers do you can do too. Just learn from everyone around you, read articles, and pay for small promotions in order to get your work out there. The indie author can proceed to add their written word to the interior template. When it is completed insert whatever your book requires. It is not simple and I have deleted my work many times due to frustration.
Have patience!
All things come in due time and time is all an indie author has.

Be open to new ideas as an indie author.

Make magic happen!

Cover creation is one of my favorite aspects of writing. It allows me to be digitally creative. All those creative juices flow in various directions. Working with pictures can be like an explorer delving into new realms. Deep deeper into Photoshop and begin with a book template. This offers a platform to begin making the best cover you know how to create. Learn by doing!
I have remade so many covers I can not even count. Re-dos have taught me how to properly design a cover that will peak the interest of readers. Once I discarded my own thoughts of how a cover should be, I inserted how is could be. Covers can be amazing and they can be unique. Use your imagination and go to YouTube to find the best places that will assist with that creativity.

This is one cover I created in Photoshop...

The bottom line is... enjoy being an indie author and do not expect miracles to happen, you need to make them happen for yourself. Work hard, promote on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and other social media outlets. Promotion takes time and building your brand takes time too. Keep pushing forward, offer giveaways with your book, keep writing, and build an informative blog. The best social platform for writers is Twitter. This is my opinion because all others seem to be geared toward other things, but Twitter is working for me and I've been able to gain followers like crazy. I'm up over 21,000 so far and counting!

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These are very important when building a brand for yourself on Twitter. Keep Tweeting and if you found this article informative, please comment below.

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