Friday, May 13, 2016

Butterfly (Angels Reign Series Book III) by Candy O'Donnell


Death and Rebirth

Dim light streaked down over Lillian as she stood in the middle of the shadowy cavern. The brilliant light glided down her face. This was the same place where the angel had been held captive not all that long ago. Maybe the small sliver of radiance was a reminder of what had been there. Her presence was no longer felt and the fear was still streaming through every tunnel around Lillian.
Lillian found herself wandering as if lost over the chilly, stone ground. No cold seeped into her feet as they were encased in tennis shoes. She wanted to grin while she held a secret between her teeth. This hidden hush-hush was nothing short of a miracle when she glanced over her shoulder at the emptiness that still existed. She was so glad no malicious sounds hit her ears and no demons called to her in foreign languages. This was pleasant, for a change.
Within she wondered why she had come to the place of her nightmares, those hidden crevices that caused such unpleasant thoughts. Was this place supposed to tie up loose ends, or something more? Lillian lifted a hand and dragged it along the rough, rock wall. Each lump was uneven and dry to her palm. When her fingers felt something organic she stopped to investigate it.
Upon closer inspection she noticed a tiny, oval encasement surrounding a creature that wandered only during the day. What was it doing here in this dark, desolate place? This was not where it belonged. She leaned in and fumbled with it as her nail scraped the surface of the hard, tan shell.
You’re a pupa. Why are you here? Her light eyes took in the adorable encasement as it moved. You wish to break free! Keep at it. This will happen. And I am lucky enough to watch.
A horrid, menacing sound bounced off the rock walls around her. And she instantly knew something evil was approaching, and whatever made the noise sounded extremely unhappy. Lillian turned to see movement across the alley behind her. She leaned against the wall in order to protect this tiny creature. It was beginning to emerge and she did not want harm to come to it.
Try harder, please. She whispered to whatever was about to reveal itself.
நான் வாசனை.
Lillian attempted to hide her scent from this beast approaching. She knew it could smell her. Its demonic form was barely visible to her naked eye, and Lillian did not wish for it to harm the small creature behind her.
நீங்கள் ஒரு நியமிக்கப்பட்ட திரும்பினார்.
I am not an appointed one. She spat at the formless mist. It felt negative and overpowering. I have no crown or wings to assist me to a pedestal. I am not Archangel Michael. She only interpreted what it told her. Lillian wished the tiny being would come out and escape what atrocity was about to be dished out.
விதி ஒரு சேமிப்பு மிக காப்பாற்ற போவதில்லை.
I never thought about my own future, but my destiny is not to be killed here in this tepid place. It would be unfathomable. She reached out and plucked the pupa from the wall and she then raised her up. Lillian’s rose colored protective wall surrounded the insect and she attempted to keep the negative entity at bay. She now understood how to ascertain what demon required thicker walls and which did not.
This evil mist was not powerful enough to break her barrier down as the creature in her other hand jerked about within its hardened home. It was making valid attempts at freedom, and this brought a smile to Lillian’s face.


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  2. How did your book about your past life on the Continent of Atlantis do? That is a very good book. You had sent me a free ebook copy of that book. Thanks for sending me that free ebook. I need to start writing and selling books. Does it cost a lot of money to get a company to edit and publish a book? My son was trying to publish a book, and he said the he needed $2000 to do that. Does it cost you that much to get one of your books published?

    1. You can publish on your own, that is what I do.

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