Friday, May 27, 2016

"Psychic Chaos" book 2 by Candy O'Donnell


Chapter One

Things are not always as they seem!


It was impossible to believe what my eyes were observing. This was inconceivable… these torments upon a teenager. Darrin agreed with me from his position on the other side of the glass window pane. How can someone be so archaic? Mr. Jacobson sat beside me as I fell into a deep trance, trying to determine what occurred with his missing daughter—it was not so long ago when I first saw the picture of her in the cheerleading outfit.

The common details between Faith and Cherrie were still mysterious as they rolled around my brain. With Sanderson dead, who could have done this to Cherrie? My mind was unable to connect to the culprit. It was still buzzing over the house where I was held prisoner by three taunting suspects. At least Tonja was behind bars; for how long, was anyone’s guess. I calmed that inner aspect of myself and tried to connect again when a barrage of images flooded my mind.

Cherrie was at a football game with her hunky, dark-haired boyfriend, Ron. His friends teased him to no end because she refused to sleep with him. It was not in her nature to do that.  Besides she knew that pregnancy would not fit her well. 

Two boys came to her from the football team to entice her to join a party held at a home by the river. She agreed as long as Ron attended. They took her and two other girls with them in their blue convertible Mercedes and took off down the road after a big game. Ron followed in his black Corvette.

The party was hopping when they arrived at the small gathering of cheerleaders and players. One girl was already three sheets to the wind and leaping into the enormous swimming pool half naked.

I didn’t wish to venture any further when the girls hopped out of the vehicle and began drinking and dancing with the other teens. Ron took Cherrie into the back bedroom where she argued with him over their sleeping arrangements. Cherrie slapped his face and exited the home with anger billowing outward. She walked for hours along the darkened road with no streetlights to illuminate her passage.

A lone semi-truck driver pulled up alongside her as she stumbled across the gravel near the asphalt. With tears streaming down her cheeks, this stranger reached over and opened the passenger door to allow her entrance. His shadowy face revealed nothing but compassion for this lonely girl crying in her cheerleading outfit. This was when his face revealed an ominous stare. Soon this man’s silence penetrated her. She climbed in then maneuvered her body close to the door where she kept her thoughts to herself. The outer shell of this man appeared thick and full of hatred. They drove over the road for what seemed like an hour. Cherrie had told him to pull over and let her out when her street was near, but he continued onward. With fright, she turned to look over at this stranger who had given her a lift. In his eyes was something too horrifying for me to observe. I heard the word, Rape!

I came out of this reading feeling helpless and scared. She endured something that I could not deal with or wanted to look further into. Mr. Jacobson’s eyes pried into mine when I cracked one of my eyes open. He glared down at me as if I were on the courtroom bench being interrogated.


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