Friday, May 20, 2016

"Running out of Time" by Candy O'Donnell


Time is all I have left!

My defaults were being spread across every newspaper in the country and here I sit behind bars waiting to be executed. They wanted to make me a fault for their exploitations, but that was not who I truly was. Trust. I needed to learn to trust someone, anyone to help me escape this entrapment I was held in.

Will Caitlin, the love of my life come through for me or will I rot until my death date arrives?


Time. It eludes us. There is never enough of it. We always think there will always be enough time. When it runs out we wish we had more time to spend with loved ones. No one wishes they could spend more time with insignificant things except those that believe time never ends. Time has an ending and when it runs out, that is it. We never get it back.
Sometimes we wish time would turn back so we can see where we went wrong. Time evades us for as long as we are on this planet. Time stalks our every move. What I did wrong took place not that long ago. I relied upon technology and forgot to communicate face to face with her. This is the predicament I am in now. Time passed me by and now I am reaping what I sowed. Some believe it was positive, but looking back, I took a step in the wrong direction. Life will never be the same again… it all came crashing down.
I glanced up from my artwork on the gray stone cell wall and sighed. The writing will be here for as long as I will be. As they say, the truth will set you free. I trust that it will. I glanced around and realized that I was paying the price for what I had done as I listened to the cat calls of the other cell mates. They had been in here far too long to let me pass them by without a hoot. They wanted me to bow down and do what they said. That was not my style as I fought alongside these rugged men trapped behind steel and concrete. Will it ever end?


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