Monday, June 27, 2016

Open up Your Mind to New Heights!

Have tunnel vision and wish to open yourself up to other modes of writing and creating? We all get it from time to time and the cure is to write, just write or create, just create. Every creative knows what they should be doing and by doing it we make ourselves happier, healthier people, but the doing can be the difficult part when there is so little time in the day to do what we love.


Life can get in the way of our creative side and we have to be realistic when we allow that side to flourish.

Is it making us money?
Does it truly make us happy?

If you answered yes to both or yes to one, then evaluate the happiness part. If happiness does not go hand in hand with what you are doing creatively, you are doing something that does not coincide with your heart, mind, and soul.

I've seen this hundreds of times and I've done it hundreds more. Writing for me is like breathing! I feel like I can finally EXHALE! The inhaling part comes when I sit down and begin to write. No matter what your passion, run with it and enjoy. Always say Thanks to whatever has brought you to the point of true happiness and true creativity.

Once we learn new avenues concerning our creative path we can finally walk it or run on it. Lately, new ideas have streamed into my already crowded brain and given me more insight to how I should go about creating new aspects of writing. I have always been the creative, so why not jump onto that train and learn all I can so this brain of mine can create more interesting things in the future.

Run with it!

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