Monday, June 6, 2016


Tweeting nowadays is like watching numerous ships at sea moving swiftly toward their destinations. It can be chaotic and challenging for anyone following you.

Messages so go out every day and #sowhat if they do. The main goal is to get your messages out there on social media. Just tweet/message your merchandise and build your audience so others will follow you and help you endorse your product. By adding the #sowhat tag to some of your tweets/messages others will take notice. When adding this hashtag make sure it is at the end of your tweet. This ensures your message will get across to your readers.


Be ethical in your marketing and messages when adding this tag at the end of your tweet/message. Use it wisely and make sure you are not saying this about others. You would never want someone to use it against you so do yourself a favor and use it only on your own tweets. Many followers might find it funny and will #retweet it because of the humor. 

No one wants to feel as if their tweets/messages are being lost down the deep well. To make sure this doesn't happen tweet often but be sensitive about what you are saying to others. Never retweet/message the same stuff over and over again. Readers will lose interest, guaranteed!

Change it up and add your messages to other forms of social media like Facebook, Instagram, and whatever social networking site you are on. Some of these sites will pass on your message automatically (if you have this set up) to other sites, which saves time and energy. I personally like the fact that if I type a message on Facebook my Twitter will see if within seconds. 


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