Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Talk with Your Animals: One on One Communication by Candy O'Donnell


Intro: Exploring Animal

All pet owners have wondered what our animals want to say to us. Some of our pets will sit and stare at us, as if attempting to tap into our psyche’s and inform us of some dire news. Are they ill, hungry, thirsty? Or maybe they just want a new bed in a different color. What do they have to communicate, and are we listening?
Not all of us are hearing their plight, but we can hone in with our intuition and gain a better understanding of what they are thinking. Some pets just want to play or chew on a ball of yarn, and still others want to go for a walk. Most of us are in-tune with our feathery, furry, and finned friends and know right away what they need. Wouldn’t it be nice to delve deeper and have a really meaningful communication with them?
Of course it would be great to know every aspect of their lives, but some things should be left to chance. Once you begin to know everything about what your pet is thinking, then be prepared for a barrage of things to slam into you daily.


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