Friday, July 22, 2016

Flow With Writing

Finding that writing sanctuary can be difficult and rewarding all at the same time. distinguish between what you desire from what you wish to toss out when discovering a place to write your thoughts down. If the place is rot with disturbances, then it will not work or extend your mind to continue writing. Always keep in mind: your positive thoughts about your place to write, your happiness, and you desire to write. Without these, you do not have a writing sanctuary.

Pleasant Sanctuary

When writing, I sort through how I will remove any outside stimuli in order to concentrate how I will write and how much I will accomplish. When silence is your circle, ensure it encircles your entire being and area. If noise encourages you to write, play music or whatever enables you to keep writing.
I find that music allows my thoughts to expand and grow when I write, especially if the music adheres to what I am writing. I seek out tunes that give me that passion to keep going for a longer period of time. Without music, I can also write, but I feel it is not as thought provoking or expanded.

Write On

For the writer, writing is tedious and sometimes draining work. We love it with our whole heart and soul when we turn out page after page. When there are only a few words on the page, we mourn out creativity and continue to push our minds forward. At times this can be detrimental to our writing when nothing bursts forth. I know this personally. If I try too hard, nothing grows. Try not so hard and just allow it to flow. That flow will move you further than harsh forward movement.

Just Allow

All creatives know when the creative feeling overcomes them. This is the time to relish in the creative energy and move with it. Move like the muscles of a weight lifter and extinguish anything that might interrupt your current movement. At times this is difficult, but keep moving forward, no matter what anyone tells you...