Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Blessings Increase

Be Blessed in all you do.

In order for us to be blessed, we need to be humble. Through God, we can discover what blessings He has for us. Look around you and see for yourself. The world we live in can be difficult to navigate and it can be a reliable source for blessings. The people in our lives are blessings, our homes are blessings, our vehicles and businesses are blessings. Anything positive in your life can be a blessing.

How blessed are you?

When I pray and am in a humble state of mind, I feel God's Glory shine upon me. I also know how blessed I am no matter what winding road I'm walking on. By enduring difficult people, situations, and trouble spots, we learn how much God loves us and how truly blessed we are. God does not do anything to show us how much He hates us. Everything He does is out of love and through our blessings, we know how much God loves us.

By enduring tragedies in life, these show us what we need to feel blessed about. Hard times reveal to us God's blessings. Know you are loved and blessed all the time. Anything that hurts us to the core teaches us about blessings. The death of a loved one teaches us a lot about life and about God. Injuries teach us about staying humble and watchful over our actions. God never does anything without teaching us about His love and His Glory. When we come to the belief that God is at fault for everything devastating in our life, we are no feeling His love or His blessings. In essence, you are blaming God for everything that has gone wrong in your life. Sometimes we need to take a look in the mirror and see what actually went wrong.

Pray daily for His blessings to shine upon you. 

I pray as often as necessary for His love to blanket me. Through prayer, we come to the understanding that God does love us and He does want the best for us. It is up to us if we want the best for ourselves. What blessings do you want for yourself today?

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